Master in Branding and Marketing
(English Program)

Master in Branding And Marketing

(English Program)


Chulalongkorn Business School is the most prestigious and top-ranked (QS) in Thailand that offered the first specialised degree in Marketing, established more than 10 years ago. With the dynamic changes in the business environment, the School has rapidly moved forward and established a master degree in branding and marketing (MBM). The MBM is the first graduate programme in Asia that concentrates on brand management. Only selected 25 top students will be taught in English and will have the opportunity to study overseas as part of their course on a Global Branding Seminar at a top university in the world.


The programme is to be taught over a period of one year and a half to give students in-depth knowledge on branding and marketing. The students will exposure to international branding gurus, international thought-leaders, and global-recognised faculty.The MBM (English Programme) students will greatly benefit from their time in the programme, as it will provide not only world-class teaching and create a lasting learning experiences but develop the relationship among top students that will last for life.




Photo of MBM class of 2022

MBM (English) @Cambridge: Life changing experiences

CBS University, in collaboration with Cambridge University,

The world’s number 1 university, developed the Master in Branding and Marketing (English Programme) or MBM, Asia’s first master’s degree program. that combines branding and marketing together which in addition to the English course The Thai language sector has undergone a major transformation to meet the rapidly changing business world in today’s era.