Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (Inter Program)

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (English Program)


The Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA International Program was established to show our commitment to Thailand, the Asia-Pacific region and the global community.

BBA International Program is the first undergraduate level program that is taught entirely in English at Chulalongkorn University. BBA International Program is designed to produce graduates in specific areas of concentration. The International Business Management major, which focuses on understanding the development of trade and the diversity of culture, is divided into two fields of study: International Business and Financial Analysis and Investment. The program also emphasizes on how to manage effectively and competitively in this environment. The Accounting major provides students with extensive knowledge of international accounting practices for modern business management.

Students will have ample opportunities to interact with students from other nations and select an internship with multinational firms and organizations. Students may choose to fulfill the required courses by spending a period of time abroad as exchange students, or by selecting a study tour arranged by the Program. A minimum of 137 credit hours is required to be undertaken for the BBA International Program.



BBA International Program is a foremost business teaching institute that continuously strives to be internationally recognized by business and acdemicians as the top English based undergraduate business program in Thailand based on our students’ ability to obtain and excel in coveted positions in business as new graduates and in their success in attaining higher degrees.  Graduates of BBA are expected to be academically proficient and, to be able to apply business knowledge superbly while being socially responsible.
Program Goals Learning Objectives
1) Disciplinary Knowledge 1.1 Students will demonstrate understanding in business and theoretical concepts
2) Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving 2.1 Students can define problem and are able to apply related theories to solve problem and draw conclusions; Students will apply proper theories in making business decisions
3) Ethical Understanding 3.1 Students will recognize ethical problems relates to business
4) Oral Communication 4.1 Students effectively present business concepts in verbal
5) Written Communication 5.1 Students effectively present business concepts in writing
6) Technological Literacy 6.1 Students will be able to use information technology and to apply information system to business organization
7) Multicultural and Global Perspective 7.1 Students are able to demonstrate multicultural issues related to business and be able to apply the knowledge in their business decision making