Assoc. Prof. Theeranuch Pusaksrikit, Ph.D.

Deputy Director MBM

Doctor of Philosophy, Marketing, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Masters of Business Administration International Business, Saint Mary's University, Canada
Bachelor of Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Research Highlights

“The role of self-construal in romantic gift posting across Social Networking Sites”, Computers in Human Behavior, Volume 117, April 2021, 106665 (Chinchanachokchai, S., and Pusaksrikit, T.).

“Characteristics and Meanings of Good and Bad Romantic Gifts Across Cultures: A Recipient’s Perspective”, Gift, Romance, and Consumer Culture, Yuko Minowa and Russell W. Belk (Eds.) Jan.2019, (Chinchanachokchai, S., Pusaksrikit, T.).

“The Superstitious Journey of Thai Lottery Gamblers”, Journal of Marketing Management, 34((13-14)) : 1126-1148.=, Oct.2018, (Pusaksrikit, T., Chinchanachokchai, S., Pongsakornrungsilp, S., Crosby, E.).

“Why Some South Asian Muslims Celebrate Christmas: Introducing ‘Acculturation TradeOffs”, Journal of Business Research, 82 : 290-299, Jan.2018, (Khan, A., Lindridge, A., Pusaksrikit, T.).

“Exploring Different Types of Superstitious Beliefs in Risk-Taking Behaviors: What We Can Learn From Thai Consumers”, Social Marketing Quarterly, 23(1) : 47-63, Mar.2017, (Chinchanachokchai, S., Pusaksrikit, T., Pongsakornrungsilp, S.).

“The Impact of Self-Construal and Ethnicity on Self-gifting Behaviors”, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26(4) : 524-534, Oct.2016, (Pusaksrikit, T., Kang, J.).

“Semiotics of Superstition toward Government Lottery and Underground Lottery Purchasing Behavior of Thai Consumers”, Veridian E-Journal, Silpakorn University, 7(5) : 1348-1361, May.2014-Aug.2014, (Pusaksrikit, T., Pongsakornrungsilp, S.).

“How Religious Minorities Resolve Cultural, Market, and Religious Ambiguity: The Case of Muslims Celebrating Christmas”Advances in Consumer Research, 48, Association for Consumer Research, Duluth, MN Oct.2020, (Pusaksrikit, T., Khan, A., and Lindridge, A.).

“Date Night or Diamond? Examining Preferences for Romantic Gifts Across Cultures”Advances in Consumer Research, 47, Association of Consumer Research, Association of Consumer Research, Atlanta, Georgia Oct.2019, (Chinchanachokchai, S., Pusaksrikit, T., Otnes, C.).