Asst. Prof. Kritinee Pongtanalert, Ph.D.

Secretary of MBM

Doctor of Philosophy, Marketing, Kobe University, Japan
Master of Art In Commerce, Commerce, Kobe University, Japan
Bachelor of Economics, Kobe University, Japan
Research Highlights

“Gender, Age, and Decision-Making Styles among Thai Consumers”, Chulalongkorn Business Review, 39(154) : 127-164, Oct.2017-Dec.2017, (Pongtanalert, K., Unahanandh, S., Assarut, N., Kanarattanavong, A.).

“Classifying user-innovators – An approach to utilize user-innovator asset”, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 37 : 32-39, Jul.2015-Sep.2015, (Pongtanalert, K., Ogawa, S.).

“Exploring characteristics and motives of consumer innovators: Community innovators vs. independent innovators”, Research Technology Management, 56(3) : 41-48, May.2013- Jun.2013, (Pongtanalert, K., Ogawa, S.a.).

“Classifying User Innovators – An Approach to Utilize User Innovator Asset”CMA Innovation Centre Special Issue Conference, Canada Aug.2015, (Pongtanalert, K.).